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Gizmo-CDA Makerspace is a shared community workshop. We have outfitted our shop with tools ranging from traditional sewing machines, welding, milling machines and

the like, to the latest high-tech 3D printers, laser cutters, electronics and computer hardware.

We are a community of folks dedicated to learning, being creative in our problem solving, helping other reach their potential and fun.  Our Members join for a variety of reasons, from a need for personal shop space they don’t

have at home, learning new or practicing old skills, community outreach and service, business incubation, and no doubt many others.

Whatever your reasons for joining, we welcome you to the community. Gizmo-CDA.  Makerspace is a cooperative, in which everyone is invited to contribute to projects that

improve the facility and organization!

“The way to get started is to quit talking and

start doing.”     Walt Disney

Find your tribe

Follow your passion

Be the best you can be!


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At www.gizmo-cda.org

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Tel: 208-929-4029


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